The Labour Party has launched a new consultation, calling on members, affiliates and the wider public to help shape Labour’s response to the outcome of the EU referendum.

At this critical moment, as we work to get a deal for Britain’s future which protects jobs and rights, and which ensures continued investment and growth, we want to hear from you about what your priorities for action are.

While the referendum campaign left opinions deeply polarised across the country, in the end it delivered a decisive result. Labour campaigned wholeheartedly to Remain, but we were unsuccessful. The Tories, who failed to plan for the consequences of a Leave vote and remain bitterly divided over Europe, must be challenged every step of the way to ensure British workers and families are protected.

There is much uncertainty about what comes next. It is clear there will be challenges, but there will also be opportunities. As the country moves into the uncharted territory that lies ahead, Labour will be a robust and vocal presence, holding the Tories to account and ensuring that the views and priorities of our communities are heard.

We were united in campaigning to Remain because of the benefits that EU membership has helped to underpin, from trade for British businesses to the strengthening of workers’ rights, and from strong action on climate change to joint counter-terrorism and policing. Now we must work to ensure that we continue to benefit in these areas as we forge a new relationship with Europe.

The referendum should not be the end of the conversation. Whichever way you voted, and whatever your feelings about the result, we want to hear from you about your priorities for how Labour should respond, and how the country can move forward.

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