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The National Policy Forum’s eight policy commissions have agreed work plans for 2020-21. They each outline the work of the policy commissions in the run up to Annual Conference in September 2021, including the number of meetings held, evidence sessions, roundtable events and the policy topics of focus.

Read the topics being discussed by each of the policy commissions in 2020-21 here.

Get involved

Whilst the NPF considers submissions in all policy areas, all year round, we are asking members and supporters to focus on submitting ideas to these topics in advance of the commission meetings. Your submissions will then be considered at the meeting dedicated to that particular topic.

To ensure your views are fed in, please submit to the topic by the 1st of the month during which the meeting is being held, and make sure that you have selected the correct topic in the submission form, too.

More information on these topics and how you can submit on them can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions on the work plans or the policy making process in general.

We look forward to hearing your views on these key topics to help us build our policy platform.

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