Developing a winning policy platform means reaching out to as many people as possible, with a policy-making process which is open, inclusive and democratic.That’s why we are running an important review of Labour’s policy-making process itself – so we can better harness the skills and abilities of our members, and allow everyone to play a full role in deciding the direction we will take together.

Angela Eagle is leading this review, in her role as Chair of the National Policy Forum. As part of her consultation, she is touring the UK to hear from members in every part of the country their ideas to build a policy-making process that will equip us for the future.

We want to build on the good things we have done already, such as the creation of the Your Britain website, and the successful People’s Policy Forum meetings which saw politicians directly engaging with members of the public on key issues. So please tell us what you think works well at present, what doesn’t work so well, and how best we can reform our systems.

With this review, we want to capture the energy and new ideas of all our members – newly-joined, re-joined and long-standing – so we can revitalise our party, bring the public into our debate, and once again earn the right to serve the British people in government.

Please take a look at our National Policy Forum and Policy-Making Review toolkit, which contains more information about the four key areas we would like your views on.

You can tell us your ideas by emailing

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