Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) launched its 2023 consultation on Monday 30 January.

The consultation, the last of four in the current policy cycle, will help the party draw on the work and expertise of local parties, affiliates and stakeholders in preparation for the next general election.

Contributions from across the labour movement will help to form the bedrock of the party’s policy programme as it further develops plans to build a fairer, greener, more dynamic Britain.

Each of the six policy commissions has published a consultation document which will help to structure consultation responses. The six topics open for consultation are:

  • Delivering growth;
  • The everyday economy;
  • Empowered communities;
  • Prevention, early intervention and better public services for all;
  • Supporting families; and
  • Labour’s progressive trade policy.


The consultation is open for seven weeks until Friday 17 March, and is open to branch and constituency Labour parties; affiliates such as trade unions and socialist societies; and external stakeholders such as charities, think tanks, businesses and civil society groups.

Contributors can read this year’s consultation documents here make submissions with their organisation hereand register to attend online member roundtables here.

You can stay up to date on the consultation, and Labour’s wider policy development process, by following Labour Policy Forum on Twitter, @LabPolicyForum.

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