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Labour has announced a bold new vision to build a universal youth service taking a public health approach. The Labour Party has announced “Only Young Once” to rebuild youth services across the country. Labour’s youth services will provide all young people with access to high quality youth work in their community, regardless of their background and circumstances.


Labour’s vision for a universal youth service

Analysis published by the Labour Party has revealed that public spending on youth services in England has fallen by £1 billion since 2010. Over 750 youth centres have closed since 2012 and 14,500 youth and community work jobs lost since 2008.

Labour will restore a nationwide youth service which will:

  • Introduce a ‘Youth Service Guarantee’ so that every young person has access to high quality youth work.
  • Provide all young people with extra-curricular activities to harness young people’s skills and empower them to improve their own lives.
  • Ensure young people build trusted relationships at a local level with qualified youth workers.
  • Train, recruit and gradually increase the number of qualified youth workers.


Labour’s Shadow Minister for Youth Affairs, Cat Smith MP, said:

“Labour will restore a nationwide youth service, built for the many young people who represent our future, not just for the few young people requiring youth justice interventions.”


Policy Development

What do you think a national youth service should look like? Labour Policy Forum is our online home of policy development where you can submit and discuss your ideas. More information on how to make a submission can be found here: www.policyforum.labour.org.uk/about

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