A view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

In a major speech in Northampton Jeremy Corbyn MP laid out Labour’s alternative for real change across the country. He used the speech to preview Labour’s radical, people-focused programme to rebuild and transform our country.

The main priorities of a next Labour government will be:

  • To get Brexit sorted. Labour will immediately legislate for a referendum with two clear options: leaving with a sensible deal or remaining in the EU.
  • To reform the economy. A Labour government will put £250 billion of public investment into energy, housing and transport through a National Transformation Fund.
  • To raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour for all workers over the age of 16 and extend workers’ rights.
  • To create a National Education service providing free education for everyone throughout life.
  • To ensure life-saving medicines are available to all by creating a publicly-owned generic drug manufacturer. Labour will also provide free prescriptions in England.
  • To introduce free personal care, the first step to creating a National Care Service.
  • To scrap Universal Credit, ending the benefit cap, the two-child limit and the five-week wait for payment.
  • To build a million genuinely affordable homes over ten years, the majority for social rent, with the biggest council house-building programme in a generation.
  • To end rough sleeping and ensure tower blocks are safe to live in following Grenfell.
  • To tackle violent crime. A Labour government will increase the number of police officers and guarantee every young person has access to youth services in their community.
  • To bring rail, mail, water and the energy grid into public ownership.
  • To invest in public transport, reinstating bus routes and maintaining the pensioner bus pass.
  • To entrench Labour’s commitment to climate change by updating the Climate Change Act, reducing emissions to make way for a Green Industrial Revolution.
  • To introduce a War Powers Bill to ensure no prime minister can bypass Parliament to take the country to war.


Policy Development

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