Connected logoIn September the Labour Party is bringing our movement together. As it can’t be in person, we’re hosting a series of speeches, training, rallies and discussions online. We’re kicking things off on 19 September with Women’s Connected, and then following on with Connected from 20 to 22 September.

Send us your policy pitches

As part of this online event, we want to hear your policy ideas.

Do you have an interesting policy idea that you think is worth talking about? Do you have a unique take on a policy issue? Do you want the opportunity to share your ideas with Labour politicians and members?

We’ll play your ideas throughout Connected and you may even get the opportunity to discuss it live with MPs at the event.

For the chance to have your policy idea heard, send us a 60 second clip of you outlining what it is and why you think it’s something we should consider to, alongside your name and membership number.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and joining you online in September for this exciting event.

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