Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry MP has launched Labour’s Defence Policy Review, publishing its terms of reference and calling on Labour Party members, affiliates and the wider public to contribute to its work.

Emily has been asked by Jeremy Corbyn MP to lead Labour’s defence review, which will examine how the safety of the British people can best be secured in the global conditions of the 21st century.

This follows the Tory Government’s failure to offer a serious strategic response to the threats the country faces in its own defence and security review last year.

Labour’s review will consider the whole range of defence challenges, including the future of the Trident nuclear weapons programme. The review will be comprehensive, open and inclusive, and its conclusions will be based on the evidence. It will encourage the widest possible participation of party members and the public.

Initial contributions are invited before 30 April 2016. There is no time limit on the review, but Emily is aiming to publish an interim report in June 2016. Reports will go forward to the National Policy Forum and Annual Conference for agreement. All submissions are welcome via

Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, said:

 "It’s a great privilege to be leading Labour’s defence review, at Jeremy Corbyn’s request. This will be a comprehensive review of Britain’s defence challenges and options for the 21st century. It will be open, transparent and inclusive, and its conclusions will be based on the evidence.

"We will encourage the widest possible participation of Labour party members and affiliates, as well as defence specialists, NGOs and the armed forces. At every stage of the process, we will give full scope to the wide range of views on this subject in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.”


Labour's Defence Policy Review

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