Violence Against Women

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Cambridge CLP calls on the Labour Party to develop a comprehensive policy and plan to address violence against women – on the streets, at work, in educational institutions, in accommodation and housing, and at home. Cambridge CLP notes with concern that: I) the Covid 19 pandemic has increased the levels of criminal assault at home and other forms of domestic violence, as well as impacting on women’s employment opportunities and harmed women’s economic independence; II) since the murder of Sarah Everard in May 2021 at least 81 more women have been killed in this country; III) the response of the Commissioner for Police and the Government has been less than adequate and has yet again – IV) (a) seen the problem of sexism and misogyny within police and policing as a ‘one off’ or ‘bad V) apple in the barrel’ issue rather than systemic and institutionalised; VI) (b) considered the ‘answer’ is for women to take responsibility through risible means such as VII) flagging down a bus if feeling threatened by a sole police officer’s approaching them on the street. Cambridge CLP believes that a commitment to ending violence against women must be adopted by the Labour Party, with the Labour Party committing to: VIII) a sustained programme recognising that responsibility lies on men and institutions, and that without this violence against women will never be ended; IX) a principled and practical recognition that discrimination in the workplace, in training and promotions, and in wages and salaries must lie at the heart of plans for ending violence against women; X) a commitment to WSVEs – Work Skills Value Enquiries to recognise the value of traditional women’s work so as to underpin an advance towards ending the pay gap; XI) a commitment to ensuring that CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) is implemented fully into domestic law as per the commitments made by the United Kingdom in signing CEDAW in 1981 and ratifying it in 1986. XII) Cambridge CLP therefore requests that the Labour Party Policy Forum develops policies consistent with the above for adoption by National Conference in 2022.

Referring to: Justice and Home Affairs

The Justice and Home Affairs Policy Commission examines Labour thinking on issues such as policing, the justice system, immigration and asylum, political and constitutional reform and Brexit.

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