Towards a democratic country through technology

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How can the government better use tech to work for the public?

One of the biggest areas of growth online is the use of technology for political and socio-political processes. We should be striving for all people to have the opportunity to directly, critically and actively engage with democratic decisions that are being made locally, regionally, nationally and centrally. The Internet and the Web should be used as tools to further enable this. The current situation is one where different levels of government in different areas have different degrees of clarity, effectiveness in their systems and their usage.

We should work towards a goal of increasing socio-political engagement by using the current and future technological means available.

We should work towards building a national system that enables people to have direct engagement and participation with politics in this country. This should be a service operated by an independent but official body, this system could be utilised to develop electoral and democratic transformation at all levels. The service could act as a driver for developing digital infrastructure to all areas of the country and a test-bed for new democratic technologies for early-adopters, to help spread constructive activism. 

This new service would allow people to have direct engagement with each layer of governance, to be able to participate in decision-making in a real and credible way and to build a high standard as well as a clarity and consistency of accounting for governmental actions accessible to all.

Referring to: Environment, Energy and Culture

The Environment, Energy and Culture Policy Commission is tasked with leading Labour’s policy development on the environment, food and rural affairs, energy and climate change, and culture, media and sport.

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