Rebalancing Britain (Part One): The Bullingdon Wager

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Rebalancing Britain (Part One): The Bullingdon Wager


I have long held the opinion that there was a Bullingdon Wager.  Deep 'in their cups' Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al boasting about how far they could push back the clock when they one day occupied the position of power to which they are entitled. . Who wagered which target decade - 1930's, 1920's,1910's,1750's?
Of course this is satirical nonsense, and could never have happened. Or could it?
After more than a decade of what are arguably 'Bullingdon Club' inspired priorities, we are a much regressed, divided and extremely vulnerable nation. The UK economy and society has become more and more unbalanced and conflict riven as a consequence of Tory policy. So many lives have been needlessly ruined and so many lives unnecessarily lost. Meanwhile, the the rich carry on as usual - getting richer and richer!
Income and wealth distribution, housing, health, educational, environmental and regional disparities are all interconnected and all will need rebalancing. This submission concentrates on some of the economic measures but that is only a piece of a very large jigsaw.
The life chances and experience of the vast majority across the UK are in increasingly serious jeopardy. Financial crash, Austerity part 1, Covid-19 Shambles, Brexit Debacle, Austerity part 2 – All Tory culpability.
Just 18 months into this government's tenure our political and economic prospects are ominous. What makes our position really sinister, is the certain knowledge that the impoverishment of our nations well-being is a conscious strategy enacted by key members of the current government for their friends, their families, and their wealthy backers, as well as for their own personal gain. Sadly we routinely see what an amoral, venal, mendacious, but also incompetent government can achieve – when they can get away with it.
Given the inevitable destructive fall-out from our feckless departure from the EU, on top of the ongoing consequences of C-19, it's hard to imagine the UK getting through the next twelve months without a dramatic series of catastrophes.
Also, as environmental constraints and consequences become more pressing, the absence of a credible or even genuine Tory plan to protect our planet will become more and more apparent.
Our economy as well as our democracy is in danger of collapse. The next general election may well be much sooner than we think. So much will need to be done, across the board, to reverse the terrible damage the Tories have done. Labour must be ready. What should our priorities be?

Labours Top Priority

The top Conservative priority is always to take from the least wealthy majority and give to the already most wealthy minority. Labour's top priority must be to do the exact opposite – prioritising support for the most economically vulnerable and disadvantaged.
No more food banks . No more child poverty. No more homelessness. But how?

Policies for the Post Austerity, Post Brexit, Post Covid and Post Tory Economy - follow in:
'Rebalancing Britain (Part Two): A Better Economy – A Labour Economy'

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The Economy, Business and Trade Policy Commission develops Labour's economic and business policy, including industrial strategy and international trade.

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