No Locked Walled Gardens on Devices.

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Around 1998 Microsoft was ordered to promote alternative Web Browsers inside it's PC Operating System to prevent Internet Explorer from gaining a monopoly position even though your PC was still capable of getting any alternative software you liked from any vendor this was still the right thing to do.

In 2020 the situation on the expensive devices we buy is much much worse.
When we use our XBox, Playstation, iPhone etc we are locked into only being able to get our software from one source; the manufacturer of the device has complete control over what can be installed on your device and how much of a cut they take.

An example of how this has harmed consumers is that gamers would never have been forced into paying for an "XBox Live Gold" subscription in exchange for a worse online service than PC players get for free on Steam.

We should require that in future and retroactiveley as much as is reasonable that devices have to be more open to alternative software providers to improve service for consumers via competition.

An example of how this good for consumers action wont harm the device makers too much is the endroid operating system; Google allows us to install alternative app stores on our android phones but Google Play is still dominent because it provides a good enough service.

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