Developing Labour’s China policy for 2024

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Attached is a longer briefing which details 5 key challenges raised by China, and how Labour must respond to them. The top lines are:
  • China's geopolitical, economic and military ascendency is undeniable. The UK, along with other Western powers, must adapt and respond to an increasingly aggressive, uncooperative and autocratic Communist Party regime.
  • Labour must urgently develop a comprehensive and coherent China policy, based on multilateralism, social democratic values and realism.
  • Responding to one of the greatest political challenges of our time is not only prudent for a government in-waiting, but also an opportunity to hold the Conservative government to account for its failure to agree on a robust approach towards China.
  • In particular, Labour must respond to the challenges posed by (1) the suppression of political freedom in Hong Kong; (2) the persecution and internment of ethnic and religious minorities, particularly Uighers; (3) national security and China's increased military aggression; (4) the Belt and Road Initiative; (5) the use of soft power and foreign political interference.


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The International Policy Commission develops Labour’s international policy. It is responsible for foreign policy, international development and defence.

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