Community Hubs for Adults

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We are lucky enough to have a community hub in our town that is ran by volunteers in the main, and supports any adult in the community with form filling, debt advice, access to a computer, food bank and offers hot meals. As a social worker for adult services I feel we need more resources like these. There are SO many vulnerable adults - cut off from resources/information. Sadly I see people every day without heating or hot water and no food due to not having the information to hand - no idea what to ask for or who to ask, and no one to point it out to them as people are far more cut off and alone in their problems than ever before. We desperately need resources for vulnerable adults that are accessible and that bring people out of their houses and to the vilage hall or social club - offering free clinics for advice and support. Now that local post offices, shops and pubs have closed en mass, people are not focusing on their local amenities or community. I think we desperately need to make servcies local again to allow for a preventative resorce in a time when our older generation is expanding. Most people I see have no transport or internet, and are unable to navigate forms and may own their own homes but have no assets and no resources and poor health mainly due to lack of basic needs being met. There are too many vulnerable adults not being seen and Adults Social Care is a complete mess/confusion! We need preventative support for these people. 

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