Nadine Grandison-Mills

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BAME Labour National Policy Forum Representative Legally trained at Warwick University, LSE and BPP Law School, Nadine is confident in analysing, developing and dissecting policies. She is a writer and a powerful communicator, articulating ideas cogently and persuasively to any audience. Nadine’s passion for addressing inequality and influencing positive transformation stems from her previous voluntary work at the human rights organisation, Liberty, as well as working with marginalised and vulnerable people at a homeless hostel and in education. Her passion has evolved through her former career as a personal development writer and her previous role as a Labour Branch Chair. Nadine is confident researching, leading and organising teams. Her strength is empathy, enabling her to identify with different demographics and to provide a bridge between the generations. Nadine played a pivotal role in getting Janet Daby successfully elected as the new Lewisham East MP. TWITTER: @NadineGMills

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