About Labour Policy Forum

Labour Policy Forum is the Party’s online home of policy development and ideas, where you can take part in Labour's open and democratic policy making process. For Labour Party members, supporters and policy stakeholders, we want to hear your ideas on how the next Labour government should tackle the challenges our country faces, and rebuild Britain to be a more equal and prosperous country for the many, not the few.

On this website you can:

  • Submit  your own policy ideas to Labour’s policy making process
  • Reply to comments made on your suggestions, and join other discussions
  • Find and respond to consultation documents published by Labour’s policy body the National Policy Forum (NPF)
  • Receive updates on the ongoing work of the NPF’s eight Policy Commissions
  • Search for policy updates, find consultation events in your area, access training webinars and discover new online content

This website is solely for those who share Labour’s values to contribute to policy debates and to suggest policy ideas. If your submission is not about Labour’s policies for government, if it relates to internal Party rule changes, or any other aspect of the Labour Party please email it to labourmembership@labour.org.uk. Submissions which do not relate to policy development will be removed.

New to Labour Policy Forum?

If you are new to the website, you can find out how to make a submission with your ideas here

For further information on how to use the site click here. The Labour Party is an inclusive member-based organisation that prides itself on being accessible to all who share its values.

Accessible materials

We believe that it is important to make our website accessible and we have taken steps to try and make and our site accessible to as many users as possible. If you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make regarding the website, please email us: policyforum@labour.org.uk

We are proud to have led the way in opening up our politics to ensure that all those who want to join the debate can do so.

Take a look at our Manifesto 2017 in accessible formats